Materials in the arts

This classroom activity is designed for grades 9 and 10 students to learn about science through art and music.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of these sponsors.

Materials Camps



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We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of these sponsors.

STEM initiative

Studies show that 50% of future jobs will require STEM skills and the demand for proficient STEM professionals is strong and growing, making it critical that we engage the world’s future workforce to pursue education and training in STEM disciplines.

The ASM Materials Camp® for Teachers is a 5-day workshop, combining innovative classroom instruction and laboratory experiences.  This free workshop is designed to help you::

  • Encourage your students to pursue careers and post-secondary education in engineering, science, and technology

  • Engage your students with hands-on science experiments

  • Help your students explore science in everyday life

  • Introduce new ideas and technologies to build your curriculum

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Classroom Visits

Invite us to share the excitement of Science and Engineering with students in Grades 11 and 12.

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Teachers Camp

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Ottawa: July 8-12, 2019 (year 2)
Hamilton: July 15 19, 2019
Calgary: July 12 16, 2019